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The first online MH provision - Since 1996 - 100% Recovery success rate in trials and practice

Used by over 270,000 clients from around the world.

How would it be if you and your employees, students or pupils could access support, reassurance and guidance at any time... day or night? 

How would it be to switch off disorder, quickly, naturally and centrally and know that you will never suffer again?

LAR Therapy, the process behind our programs, is the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. For people of all ages - it was devised to give sufferers what THEY need in order to recover, when THEY need it, instead of when the next therapy session comes around. 

Solution and Evidence Based Practice - The true test of any process is when real people provide feedback about how they feel... we have tens of thousands of such case studies from normal people from around the world.

We provide more to sufferers than any other anxiety treatment option including unlimited support by qualified recovery and wellbeing specialists - and gives clients the opportunity to feel supported, reassured and confident of rapid and lifelong relief.

Clients - What is recovery?

Recovery is complete removal of all of the physical and mental manifestations of a condition, including permanent removal of the cause of the condition. (NOT the catalyst but the predisposition to suffering).

Our clients recover IF they DO as instructed. `Compliance is king, but unlike other interventions, because the science of recovery is defined by human evolution, anxiety recovery is as simple and definite as eating to 'cure' hunger.
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In 1997, created the first online, email and phone counselling service in the world and created the first anxiety recovery therapy in the world. Our mission is simple - To rid the world of all conditions of the emotions.
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