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Understanding Mental Health
& Disorders of the Emotions

By the world's oldest provider of online mental health and tele-health training

Do you understand why people suffer, how they feel and what to do to help them?

Since 1996 Linden Tree have been providing programs of recovery to people all over the world - since 2007 we have provided residential recovery programs and since 2013, professional accreditation to Recovery Practitioners.

This video training series provides a unique insight into the science and experience of disorders of the emotions, providing employers and management with the benefit of 22 years producing unmatched recovery results.

These videos will provide a unique journey into the minds of those suffering with fear disorders such as stress, anxiety,

This video training series is vital for anyone wishing to understand and address emotional disorders and their impact on staff members and the workplace.

This is for anyone wishing to understand the core science of emotional disorders and the most effective recovery pathways. Learn how to eliminate stress and anxiety related absenteeism.

Understand the differences between stress, anxiety and depression. This is the most 'common sense' and useful advice available - based on over 22 years practice and experience.Linden Tree Education were the first provider of online psychological services. Since 1996 LTE have provided programmes of recovery, corporate training and recovery practitioner accreditation to millions of people around the world. LTE Director,

Charles Linden, is widely regarded as the world's leading expert on recovery from disorders of the emotions. Charles is a stress and anxiety recovery consultant to corporates, the media, celebrities, sports clubs and many other clients and organisations.

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The Video Course Includes...

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Clients - What is recovery?

Recovery is complete removal of all of the physical and mental manifestations of a condition, including permanent removal of the cause of the condition. (NOT the catalyst but the predisposition to suffering).

Our clients recover IF they DO as instructed. `Compliance is king, but unlike other interventions, because the science of recovery is defined by human evolution, anxiety recovery is as simple and definite as eating to 'cure' hunger.

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In 1997, created the first online, email and phone counselling service in the world and created the first anxiety recovery therapy in the world. Our mission is simple - To rid the world of all conditions of the emotions.
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